Curbside Garbage Collection --- Tag Guidelines --- Waste Bin Rentals

Curbside Garbage Collection
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Please refer to home page under Important Notices for garbage collection schedule changes due to statutory holidays or adverse weather conditions.


Lanigan, Drake, Guernsey, Watrous residential and downtown, Resort Village of Manitou Beach, Plunkett


Carmel, Bruno, Muenster, Pilger, St. Benedict, Middle Lake, Naicam, Pleasantdale, St. Brieux, Lac Vert


Wakaw, Cudworth, Dana, Quill Lake, Watson, Spalding


Englefeld, St. Gregor, LeRoy, Lake Lenore, Annaheim, Humboldt residences (south of Hwy 5)


Humboldt residences (from hwy #5 north), Young, Colonsay, Meacham, Simpson, Viscount

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with your collection program. It is an easy and convenient way to demonstrate your commitment to recycling and protecting our environment. Your support and cooperation will assist us in diverting over 60% of household waste from the landfill.

In order to have your waste picked up at your residence, you must have it appropriately tagged and placed at the curb by 8:00 a.m. on your community’s scheduled day of pick up. Tags can be purchased from numerous businesses or from your Town/Village Office depending on the community you live in. You can also purchase tags from the REACT Office located at 307 12th Street in Humboldt. Tags can be purchased individually, in sheets of 5, or packages of 100.

The user pay system makes garbage disposal a utility. People who create larger volumes of waste and do not recycle will pay more for collection and disposal. This encourages individuals to use the recycle system in place, which is free of charge.

Tag Guidelines
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1) One yellow tag is good for one standard 77 litre garbage bag or can. This is a standard 26’ x 30” black or green garbage bag or standard 15 to 20 gallon plastic or aluminum can. If your can or bag is larger than 77 L, (ie: 121 L on wheels), you will need to place 2 tags on it.

2) Each bag placed at the curb must have a full tag on it. If using a can, you must have one tag per level can. If you place another full bag on top of the can, it will require a tag on that bag.

3) Maximum weight is 20 KGs or 44 lbs. Due to Worker’s Compensation and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, this is the weight that our employees are allowed to lift at one time. If you have more weight than this, please use 2 or more bags or cans.

If your garbage is not appropriately tagged or does not follow the weight guidelines, it will not be picked up. A pink tag will placed on bag or can notifying you why your garbage was not picked up. Our driver’s will use their discretion when picking garbage that is heavy. Extremely heavy cans or bags will not be picked up. Loose garbage (ie: saw dust, motor oil, etc) is not permitted. All garbage must be bagged. Loose garbage in oversized cans will not be picked up.

Waste Bin Rentals
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We provide the service of renting permanent and temporary waste or cardboard bins. Please contact the REACT Office for pricing.

1) 6 cubic yard bins are available to businesses for managing their waste or cardboard on a permanent basis. The business can determine how often they require the bin to be serviced to meet their needs.
2) 8 cubic yard bins are available to businesses and individuals on a short-term temporary basis. This is typically used for doing a large clean up, shingling, or renovation work.
3) Construction bins are available to companies or individuals doing large projects. We currently have for rent 30 yd and 40 yd roll off containers.

Prohibited items that cannot go into the waste bins: No hazardous waste, motor oil, oil filters, oil containers, tires, pesticide containers, anti-freeze, solvents, paint cans, large appliances, and large pieces of metal. Please ensure that the bin in not overfilled and items are not sticking up past the top of the bin. This poses a hazard when the frontload trucks are tipping the bins.

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